What is Schools-Online?

Schools-Online is the easy to use website building tool designed specifically for education establishments.

We have created a unique set of tools that require very little training and allow staff to create and update content fast. We provide Industry leading features that are of immense benefit to both the school and its stakeholders whilst providing all of the features that schools would expect in a website building package.

Why is Schools-Online so easy to use?

Almost all of the Schools-Online tools for creating and managing content use our simple drag and drop system, which allows you to work directly on the page in a very intuitive way.
These are some of the many features provided by Schools-Online :

  • Editing text
  • Simple drag and drop to upload images and documents
  • Creating and refining page layouts
  • Creating personalised site styles
  • Adding events to your calendar
  • Celebrating pupil achievements using slideshows
  • Producing a PDF record of a pupil's Learning Journey
  • Creating surveys for the School Self Evaluation process (SEF)
  • Displaying test results as charts
  • Producing online and paper based evidence for OFSTED, Governors and stakeholders
  • Providing editing and publishing rights to individuals or groups
  • Enabling multi users to contribute to the website
  • Create and maintain your website using a web browser or iPad - Anywhere- Anytime.