How to add Youtube Videos

The following instructions will show you how to embed Youtube videos into your school website.

Step 1

Go to:
Create a new Google Account, complete the necessary steps and please take note of your username and password for future use.
Please skip this if you already have a Google account.

Step 2

Go to
Click SIGN IN (top right) and use your new Google Account to sign in to Youtube.

Click the Upload button

Change the privacy setting from Public to Unlisted. This will ensure that your videos cannot be found by searching Youtube’s site.
Now drag and drop you video file on to the area shown.

Your video will be uploaded and processed. Once this is complete, click Done.

Click the Embed tab.

Now copy the text highlighted in blue.

Now go to and sign in to your school website.

Go to or create the page you want to add the video to.
Drag a single text section onto your page.

Now double click to open up the text editor.

Click the Source button.

Now Paste the copied text from Yotube into the body text area and click Save.

Publish your site.