How turn a Word document into a JPEG image

The following instructions will walk you through the steps of converting your Word documents to a JPEG image file.
If you cant wait and want to get stuck in, here is the shortened version of the steps:

  1. Create or Open a Word document
  2. Save it as a PDF
  3. Open the PDF
  4. Use the Snapshot Tool to take a photo of the full page
  5. Open Paint
  6. Paste the snapshot
  7. Save it to your Desktop

Step 1

As you can see from this screen shot, the area marked in pink clearly shows now content. This is where we will be adding content.

Step 2

Using the Schools-Online editor, navigate to the page section you would like to feature in the side bar. For this example I want to promote the school newsletter page.

1 - Double Click on any of the text to open up the text editor.

Step 3

2 - Add a title

3 - Add some body text

4 - Click the check box to activate the Show in your websites' side panel feature.

Step 4

5 6 7 8 - Click the check boxes to select all of the available options.

Click Save.

Publish your site.

Step 5

The home page side panel now shows the content from the newsletter page section and provides users a direct link to the actual page. The panel consists of the Title, Image, More link and approx 20 words from the Body text have been used.

Step 6

Add more page sections to the side panel. This time we will not use the Image.

Navigate to another section of your website, for this example I have chosen the School Dinners page.

Step 7

Double Click on any of the text to open up the text editor.

Click the check boxes but this time leave Image unchecked

Click Save.

Publish your site.

Step 8

We now have 2 articles in the side bar and the last article we edited is positioned at the top.

Tip: To move one of the lower articles to the top, simply go to that section, double click the text and Save, then Publish. That article should now be at the top.