Click the images below to see a tutorial for each tool.

Use this tool to add new Menus and Pages

1. First click on the 'Home' menu

2. Click the 'Add' Button in the Menu toolbar

3. The new menu will be added to the end of your menu list.

Use this tool to delete Menus, Pages and Sections

1. Click on the 'Menu Name' you would like to delete

2. Click the 'Delete' button in the Menu or Pages Toolbar

3. Click 'OK' on the warning message that appears to confim deletion of the Menu

Used to edit all content using an iPad
Can also be used on PCs

1. Single Click on the content you would like to edit

2. Click or Tap the 'Edit' button in the relevant Menu


Used to duplicate entire pages

1. Click on the 'Page' you would like to duplicate

2. Click the 'Duplicate' button in the Pages Toolbar'Aternatively hold the 'ALT' key when you click the 'Duplicate' tool' to only copy the page and sections, not the content.