Pasting from Word

When you copy text to your clipboard from any Microsoft product (post Office ’97), you copy all of the invisible Microsoft XML formatting (HTML) that goes with the text.

When you paste that text HTML into the Schools-Online editor, you get lots of lines of code for every single piece of text. Even with a small table this can add up to tens of thousands of characters.

To remove these hidden characters we need to remove the formatting using the 'Remove Format' tool provided in our editor. The following instructions will show you how to copy tables from Word and paste them into the Schools-Online editor without getting the 30,000 maxiumum character error.

The shorter version of the following tutorial is:

  1. CTRL + C (copies the text from Word)
  2. CTRL + V (to paste the text into the Schools-Online editor)
  3. CTRL + A (to select all)
  4. Click the Remove Format button
  5. Save

Step 1

Select the table/text your would like to add to your website.

Press CTRL + C to copy your table/text (Windows)

Press CMD + C to copy your table/text  (Mac)

Step 2

Drag a basic text section onto your page.

Step 3

DOUBLE CLICK the section to open the text editor.

In the Body section of the editor
Press CTRL + V to paste your table/text (Windows)

Press CMD + V to paste your table/text  (Mac)

Step 4

Now press CTRL + A to select all (Windows)

Now press CMD + A to select all (Mac)


Step 5

Press the REMOVE FORMAT button in the tool bar.

Step 6

Click SAVE.

Table Border

Follow these final steps to add the border back to your table.

Step 7

DOUBLE CLICK the table to open the text editor.

Now RIGHT CLICK anywhere on the table to access the table menu.


Step 8

Border size should be set to 1 pixel.

It is recommended that you set the width of your tables to 100%
this allows the table to expand and contract when displayed of different devices.

Click OK and Save