How to add Tables from Word

The following instructions will show you how to copy tables from Word and paste them into the Schools-Online editor without getting the 30,000 maxiumum character error.

Step 1

Select the table/text your would like to add to your website.

Press CTRL + C to copy your table/text (Windows)

Press CMD + C to copy your table/text  (Mac)

Step 2

Drag a basic text section onto your page.

Step 3

DOUBLE CLICK the section to open the text editor.

In the Body section of the editor
Press CTRL + V to paste your table/text (Windows)

Press CMD + V to paste your table/text  (Mac)

Step 4

Now press CTRL + A to select all (Windows)

Now press CMD + A to select all (Mac)


Step 5

Press the REMOVE FORMAT button in the tool bar.

Step 6

LEFT CLICK in any table cell to deselect the text (important)

Now RIGHT CLICK to access the table menu.


Step 7

Border size should be set to 1 pixel.

It is recommended that you set the width of your tables to 100%
this allows tables to expand and contract when displayed of different devices.

Click OK

Step 8

Finally click SAVE.