How to add content to the side panel

The side bar of your school website can contain any number of panels that can be used to direct visitors to pages around your site. The following instructions will show you how to do this.

Step 1

As you can see from this screenshot, the area marked in pink is where we will be adding our sidebar content.

Step 2

Using the Schools-Online editor, navigate or create a page to hold the new content. For this example I want to promote the school newsletter page.

Double-click on any of the text to open up the text editor.

Step 3

Now choose any combination using the 4 checkboxes located in the top left corner of the editor. These checkboxes are what makes the content feature on the homepage sidebar.

Click Save.

Publish your site.

Step 4

The home page side panel now shows the content from the newsletter page section and provides users a direct link to the actual page. The panel consists of the Title, Image, More link and approximately 20 words from the Body text have been used.

Step 5

Add more page sections to the side panel. This time we will not use the Image.

Navigate to another section of your website, for this example I have chosen the School Dinners page.

Step 6

Double Click on any of the text to open up the text editor.

Click the check boxes but this time leave Image unchecked

Click Save.

Publish your site.

Step 7

We now have 2 articles in the side bar and the last article we edited is positioned at the top.

Tip: To move one of the lower articles to the top, simply go to that section, double click the text and Save, then Publish. That article should now be at the top.