How to add a Google Map

The following instructions will show you how to add a Google Map to your Contacts page using the Schools-Online editor.

Step 1

First copy your school address details from your website or the contact page in the editor.

Go to

1) Paste the school address details in the box provided, shown here in pink and then click the search icon to find your school.

2) Click the Share button


Step 2

3) Click the Embed map button.

4) Now copy (CTRL + C) the text in the box below.

Step 3

Go back to the Schools-Online Editor and navigate to your Contact Us page

5) Double click the text to open up the text editor.


Step 4

6) Click the Source button

7) Click your mouse in the position you would like to paste your map, press CTRL + V to paste the code you copied from the Google Maps website.



Step 5

Publish your site.