Add a Page Section

The page sections listed on the right-hand side of the editor can be dragged and dropped into your pages. Page sections come in a variety of styles plain text, document list, multiple columns and a mixture of text and images. You have the freedom to choose whichever sections fit with the overall layout of the page. 

Add a Page Section:

  • Locate the section you would like to use from the list.
  • Click and hold your mouse over the section.
  • Now drag and drop the section onto the drop zone with the light blue dashed border
  • You will see the dropzone highlights in blue when your mouse hovers over the correct area.
  • Simply release your mouse and the section will be added.

Tip: You will always see these blue dashed dropzones above and below any page section that has already been dropped onto your page. This is where you drag and drop your sections.