Approving/Publishing Pages 

You should follow these instructions if your school website administrator has created a new account for you, using your email address as your username. You must also have been granted permission to publish your pages.

Step 1 - Click Approve

When you have finished editing your web pages and you are ready to get your content live,
Single click the Approve button located at the top right of your screen.

Step 2 - Select your page

You are now in the Approve Areasingle click the page icon to select the page you want to approve.

Step 3 - Approve

You can now see and check the contents of the page one last time before you publish.
If everything is ok, single click the tick button to approve the page.

Repeat these steps to approve multiple pages.

Step 4 - Publish

Finally single click the Publish button located at the top right of your screen to publish all the pages you approved.
Pages not marked for approval at this stage will still display red lines in the icon and will not be published.